Sicknesses Are Back In Business

Every year, when school resumes, it feels inevitable that no matter what we do as parents the kids will have some kind of some funk within the first few weeks. Even though it seems like a little funk is inevitable, there are a few things that we can do to potentially prevent the funk from being too terrible.

*Reminder, I am not a doctor and will never claim to be. I am just a germaphobe with a passion for wellness*

First and foremost, there are a few REALLY important things to keep in mind when it comes to the prevention of illness and supporting your immune system. My husband has the mindset that if there is some kind of funk in the house, he is going to get it no matter what. Because of this mindset, he doesn’t take the preventative measures that I so badly wish he would. Just because one member of the family catches some funk, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire household has to be taken down. So what are these VERY important and really pretty simple preventative measures?

Wash your hands
Be Aware of Gut Health
Take your supplements
Sleep and don’t stress

Boost your immune system

If someone in the house is sick, I kick up my preventative measures a notch…

  • In my opinion, if a bug invades your home, wash your hands excessively. I don’t mean to the point of causing your hands to dry out and crack (I have been guilty of doing this), but I mean when you walk in the door from anywhere, after using the restroom, before you brush your teeth, before you touch any foods, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth,… If you washed your hands then touched the fridge door handle, you need to wash again before touching your food. To many, this will seem like overkill, but you have to be aware of how easily germs are passed from someone who is ill to door handles, light switches, stair banisters, the remote, electronics,…
  • HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!! drink all the water… During times of illness, whether you are sick or a family member is sick, do your best to ditch the sodas and juices, the alcohol, the caffeine. The sugary drinks will likely feed the illness, and alcohol or caffeine can dehydrate you.
  • Take care of your gut! 80% of your immune system stems from your gut. Ditch the processed foods, ditch as much sugar as possible, take your probiotics.
  • Take your supplements and BE CONSISTENT: If you are like me a couple of years ago, you don’t feel as though you need supplements because you eat a healthy diet. I was wrong! Foods do not hold the same nutrition that they used to. Take your supplements, especially if there is illness around you. In the morning, I take my probiotics, a shot of antioxidant puree, a B vitamin complex, Fish Oil, and a multivitamin. In the evenings, I take Calcium with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and a multivitamin. My kids take probiotics in the morning, along with their multivitamin and digestive enzyme with their antioxidant puree.

*If someone in the house is sick, I add Inner Defense capsules into the mix for myself.

Rest and avoid stress: easier said than done, I know, especially if one of the kids is sick and keeping you up, but do your best. Regeneration happens while you sleep. Stress wreaks havoc on your system.

Boost your immune system with essential oils, elderberry syrup, and other wellness options.

In addition, when a bug invades the house, I diffuse in all rooms during awake hours and in bedrooms at night. I clean doorknobs, countertops, and bathrooms daily. Now that I will have 2 kids, if 1 is sick and the other isn’t, toys will be divided and cleaned daily. Everyone has their own toothpaste. Most families share toothpaste but think about it… When you spread toothpaste on your toothbrush, you touch the bristle, do you not? The germs from 1 family member can very easily be spread to the next. No sharing drinks, especially when someone is sick. And finally, the most difficult recommendation to stick to… no kisses for anyone when there is an illness in the house.

All of this probably sounds excessive, but wouldn’t you rather take the time to prevent than have to take the time to care for multiple sick members of your family as well as yourself? I am not guaranteeing that doing all of the above will save you from catching anything and everything. We all get sick sometimes. It is the way that our body was created. We get sick, our immune system does its job, we recover, and we continue to strengthen our immune system from there. What I can tell you is that although my kids don’t get sick often, they have brought home their fair share of bugs. In 5 ½ years, we have had 2 tummy bugs, 2 cases of HFM (1 pretty severe and 1 mild case), pink eye, possibly the flu, what I believe was Adenovirus, and a few mild colds. I have come down with 2 mild colds and the potential flu that my daughter had a few years ago. I have avoided everything else. Yes, I have built a strong immune system from working with kids for many years, but on the same token, I firmly believe that taking all of the preventative measures is what truly keeps me healthy. Take precautions, friends! Keep yourself healthy in all the craziness these days!

Jen Cosby

*I have done extensive research on products and companies and choose to recommend Young Living products wholeheartedly. Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise that guarantees from the time that the seed is selected and planted to the time that the product arrives on your doorstep, no harmful ingredients will come in contact with that product at any step along the way. Young Living goes as far as testing their soil and using their own essential oils to protect against pests in lieu of using harmful pesticides. Young Living performs their own testing in addition to third-party testing to guarantee that you receive the most effective and most beneficial products. Every ingredient is clearly labeled on each product.

**I am not a doctor and do not claim to diagnose, treat, and/or cure any ailment. I am only sharing my experiences and results of what I have used for my own personal use and that of my family. I empower everyone to do their own research and decide what products work best for them and their family. In the event that medical attention is needed, seek medical attention.

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