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Ad Specs
Full (10in x 14.5in, 720px x 1044px)
1/2 Page Vertical (4.9in x 14.5in, 354px x 1044px)
1/2 Page Horizontal (10in x 7.2in, 720px x 518px)
1/4 Page (4.9in x 7.2in, 354px x 518px)
1/8 Page (4.9in x 3.57in, 354px x 257px)
1/16 Page (4.9in x 1.76in, 354px x 127px)
Front Page Banner (8.3in x 1.125in, 81px x 598px)
Back Cover (10in x 14.5in, 720px x 1044px)

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